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Sjællandske medier – Danish Newspaper

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Sjællandske Medier (SM) prints their own publications of 4 newspapers; DAGBLADET, Frederiksborg Amts Avis, Nordvestnyt and Sjællandske – covering 30% of all Denmark’s municipalities, along with 2 other large Danish newspapers.
Secondly SM prints free weeklies with a circulation of 1 mio per week, besides administrating homepages, radio stations and a local TV station.

8 years ago – Sjællandske Medier (SM) decided to enter into a contract with GKS International to outsource their service and cleaning of prepress equipment. Before that – GKS was used mainly for ad hoc service assignments and small repairs.
The agreement with GKS has made SM a well-oiled machine, with rare emergency situations. Weekly service and maintenance brings SM ahead of todays very sharp deadlines in the newspaper business.

Preben Jørgensen, Technical Manager at Sjællandske Medier says:
“I have known Klaus and his GKS team for many years – and our business relation is built on trust, competence and very good technology knowledge.”

“GKS has been part of our internal staff for the past 5 years and they have a very good knowlegde of our machinery as well as knowing what we as a local newspaper needs and stands for.”

“Our Preventive Maintenance agreement with GKS has given us the peace of mind to meet our strict deadlines day after day. GKS not only guarantees but actually provides very fast assistance, also in emergency situations.”

“When GKS performs service - they not only clean the machine, but also do a thorough check up of each piece of machinery according to our internal maintenance procedures - along with exchanging worn out parts to minimize any risks of break-downs. Today, we hardly ever experience break-donws in our peek production hours.”

In the photo from left: Preben Jørgensen, Technical Manager at Sjællandske Medier and Klaus Olsen, General Manager at Glunz & Jensen.